New book—The Wedding Ring Adventures

I want to share a page from the story I’m working on, mostly because I like it.  The book is currently rated YA because I want my niece to read it.

The characters are a teenaged girl and her friend, Ringo.  He earned the nickname because of his (annoying) tendency to drum on his desk at school, and everything else.

Hope you like it.  Here goes:

In a few minutes Ringo shuffled into the kitchen, wearing only gym shorts. scratching his arm pit, his almost-shoulder length brown hair sticking out every-which-way.

“Good morning, sunshine,” I greeted him cheerfully.  He mumbled something incoherently, taking the orange juice jug and drinking from it.

“Hog.  Use a glass.”

He stuck out his tongue and went back to drinking.

“I’m telling your mom.”

“Go ahead.  She likes you better anyway.”  He burped and reached for a muffin, just as his mom hit the top step.


“Don’t sweat it, Mom.  She knows you raised me better.”

“I certainly hope so,” said Mrs. D., carrying another basket containing clean wash.  She disappeared out  of the kitchen.

“So…how was the beach?” Ringo peeled his second muffin.

I used the same line I gave my mom.  “You know.  Water.  Sand.  Lots of sun.” As if to prove it I pulled at the strap of my tank.

“Ooooo. Nasty. See, if you would’ve taken me, I would’ve made sure you didn’t stay out as long.”

“Well, I didn’t.  And you didn’t, so we’ll just get over it.  Anyway, we had a good time, if you overlook Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell bitching at each other all day long.”
He paused in peeling the third muffin.  Honest to God, it was a wonder he wasn’t as big as a barn, the way that kid could eat.

“No shit!”

“No shit.  Poor Lin.”

“You think she was embarrassed?”

“I think it’s every-day stuff.  She acted like it wasn’t unusual.” I looked around for his mom.

“So get your ass dressed.  I have something to talk to you about, and ‘here’ isn’t a good place.”

Cocking an eyebrow, he burped again and headed for his room to dress. If I didn’t know him better I’d be concerned about his digestive system, but this was typical Ringo.

He returned in a few, wearing denim shorts, no shirt, and running shoes without socks. Pretty much his standard summer attire. He jammed his wallet and pen knife in his pocket and we were off.

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