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My French Vanilla by D.L. Kelly

My French Vanilla

By D.L. Kelly

Pictures provided by D.L. Kelly herself (That’s right, we know the author! :P )


            My French Vanilla is a story of a divorced woman named Suzy who celebrates her divorce by drinking with her aunt, Jackie, who also happens to be her best friend.  Suzy saw the divorce coming and is quite happy about it.  Both women are in their fifties.  Suzy decides that she wants to take these cooking classes that are on Tuesdays and Thursdays for six weeks.  Suzy has wanted to do this for years but she’s always had things in the way.  Now that her obstacles no longer exist, she decides to do it and Jackie tags along.

The Cooking Class’ Chef Robert, is eye-candy for Suzy and she finds herself wanting him.  They hit it off and have frequent blissful, passionate encounters.  However, Robert has a past of his own and in order for both of them to be a couple, they have to put their pasts behind them.

Because I have to keep this PG, as per the rules my partner and I agreed on, I will say this:  This is a MUST READ for 18+ especially if you have ever had a crush on that beautiful man with that adorable accent.

Each chapter is in first person and draws you in deeply!  The book is 168 pages of amazing-ness and it will leave you turning the pages until you are completely finished.  It makes you feel all tingly inside and definitely makes you blush.  I definitely found myself, becoming Suzy as I read.  Trust me, it is very exciting!

And for you French kissing, French loving, beauties out there, ROBERT IS YOUR GUY!


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