Chef Robert’s Kitchen—–March

A little bit after-the fact, but here is the March blog from Chef Robert. If you haven’t seen them, he has posts for April,. May, June and July.

D.L.Kelly, author

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Welcome, Readers, to my Kitchen and Garden!

March is the month that I play “Plant or Weed?” in my garden. I examine the little seedlings erupting in the vegetable beds and the flower beds around our house, and try to decide if I should yank it out or let it be…for a little while longer.

It’s also the month when we may…or may not…celebrate Easter. Of course this depends on when the first full moon after the vernal equinox occurs. I personally like when the holiday falls in April. More culinary opportunities, as more fruits and vegetables are available.

I just love to talk with cooks of different ethnic backgrounds and hear what delectable dishes they prepare. My wife Suzy’s family is Slavish, and I’ve gotten to like the “Easter Cheese,” made from eggs and milk, and Paska, a bread with a dried cottage cheese filling. That’s the way they…

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