Book #3–Available in July ( hopefully!)

My third book is finished, proofed several times by me and my husband Bob. This time my sister Janet Newton is my guest proofreader, and soon the manuscript will go to a professional editor.If all goes well, I’m hoping for a July release.

This book is a bit different –it’s a YA, suspense/romance story:

Laura Patton is excited about her upcoming senior year of high school in 1969. In August she goes to the beach with her girlfriend Linda and her family. She and Lin meet two “Jersey Boys” and while walking on the beach, she steps on a ring. When she slips it on her finger, she is transported ten years in the future and is married to Gabe, one of the young men. When she removes the ring, she wakes up on the beach where she was before, and only a few minutes have passed, although in the future it was about twelve hours. She staches the ring in her pocket and doesn’t mention what happened.

     Back home she tries it again with her boy pal Ben Daniels, a.k.a. Ringo, and the same thing happens. She becomes Mrs. Daniels, until she takes off the ring. She decides not to tell her parents. She experiments a few more times before stashing the ring in her dresser drawer and forgetting about it.
     Life goes on for Laura and her friends. Ringo becomes her steady boyfriend.
     In the spring, Laura and her girlfriends Lin and Dee are preparing to go to their Senior Prom. While home from school sick one day, she finds the ring and gives it one more try. Workers remodeling her mom’s kitchen are the only males in the house, and she doesn’t know if it will work.
     But it does, and Laura finds herself in a situation she hadn’t planned on, and can’t get the ring off.

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