D.L.Kelly, Author

I created this blog to celebrate the beginning of my second career as a published author. My first romance novel, My French Vanilla, was published in April 2013 I have several other Works in Progress, and I’ll keep you posted on those. Chef Robert, whose escapades were revealed in My French Vanilla, will also share his Kitchen and Garden page on this blog. He kept at me till I promised to do it.

My French Vanilla

Just-divorced Suzy Simmons celebrates the event with Margaritas and her best friend, Jackie. While they lounge on her deck, drinking and planning their future full of good looking rich men and swanky vacations, Suzy mentions that she’d like to take the cooking class at the community college, taught by Chef Robert Donvier, and Jackie agreeds to tag along.  The Chef turns out to be a gorgeous, brown-eyed hunk with a slight French accent, and soon things are simmering between him and Suzy.  When he asks her to be his assistant for a local cook-off, she jumps at the chance to be with the handsome, sexy, and oh yes, rich, Chef Robert. The two become inseparable, and their love making is frequently enhanced by items from the kitchen. Before they can officially become a couple, Robert and Suzy must resolve issues with their former partners and in their private lives.

From the Author
This is my first published book, although I’m been writing for a long time.  I felt like these characters showed up one day, introduced themselves and began to tell me their story.  The two main characters, Suzy Simmons and Chef Robert Donvier, are a little older than in most of the other romance books, but they want me to tell you that “mature” people can have fun filled, active, sexy lives. I’m working on two other stories presently, but I never know if “someone else” will show up and demand my undivided attention!
From the Back Cover
Robert was waiting in the driveway for me, leaning against the Corvette. I thought,  I should give him the spare garage door opener….Oh, never mind.  Jackie would have a cow.  He might be a mass murderer or a crack head. But seeing him, standing there, looking so sweet and so hot, I’d give him my keys, hell– my bank books, my e-mail password and my one -and only son!      As the garage door chugged open, I lowered the window and gestured ‘Come here’ with my index finger. He strolled over. SO sexy I could die right here!      “Do you have time to come in for a while?”      “I always have time for you, babe.”      “Bring your car in,” and I drove into the garage.  In a minute his car was beside mine and the door was on its way down. I’m not saying I threw myself at him, but if I had super powers I’d have leaped over my car in a single bound.

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  1. hiya, seen your post on facebook so I’m dropping by to say howdy 🙂

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